Monday, March 17, 2008

Wordless Weekend

All weekend long I snapped pictures as often as I remembered to prepare for a post called "Wordless Weekend" where I would post all pictures and not say a word. This morning as I go to create that post I think maybe I'll need a few words. So how about we call it a "Few Words Weekend". No long stories - just basic background info for most of the pictures. It was a fun weekend.

Isaiah at Grandma Worth's birthday party

Isaiah, fostering his love of trucks, much to Asher's chagrin.

Naomi, with the first of many owies now that we are playing outside in the Spring weather

Isaiah fell asleep on the middle of the floor. What kind of terrible mother lets her child do that? Put the poor kid to bed!

Isaiah helping Mom with the laundry

Grant and the birthday girl, Margaret, at her Sunday night dinner/birthday party.

Spring is arriving in our yard.

Naomi playing computer games. She can scroll up and down, point, click, drag, and type.

Asher fostering his love of fashion - just kidding. He's just obsessed with wearing Naomi's shoes.

Naomi modeling her Easter dress made by Grandma Ashurst.


Anonymous said...

What darling grandchildren I have. Naomi's dress is the length that I expected them all to be, but hers is much shorter than the others - not sure how that happened. The gloves are definitely too big. They will have to be for dress up only.

Farmer Joe said...

Nice work on the pic of the dress. We had to stay after church (I had duties and Jessica stayed for choir) so by the time we got home, we were in no mood and the dresses were not so "fresh" if you know what I mean. I guess at least one of the kids knows their duties and complies...and at least Gma got see the kids in the dresses in real life to satisy her g-mutherly stuff.

Logan said...

Beautiful pictures. Everybody looks great--and big! I love the picture of the little--oh my gosh it's late and I'm thinking dandelion--DAFFODIL. You could sell that one!