Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm planning, baking, etc for our ward's "Young Women's in Excellence" tomorrow. I have two dozen sugar cookies to bake and frost to perfection in the shape of crowns, programs to type up and print out, a group speech type thing that I wrote for our Young Women to fix and print out 12 copies of, 12 8x10 photos of the girls to pick up at Costco, put into frames, and then adorn the frames with ribbons and such. ...All before 9am tomorrow when I go to the church to start setting up for the big event.

I'm organizing, creating, and buying supplies for the earring-making class I am teaching at church on Saturday. 38 people signed up to take the class. Then I'll go straight from that to picking up Naomi to take her to a friend's ice skating birthday party. Oh, and did I mention Richard won't be here this weekend so we hired a "nanny" last weekend. She'll be here from 8am until 1pm Saturday.
*Note to self - buy "friend" a present

I'm planning Naomi's birthday party for next Tuesday. Only two friends were invited and luckily they both can come. The girls will have a tea party lunch, play dress up, giggle, etc. Naomi just requested that her brothers not be present during this time so that they don't "get into everything and mess it up". Anyone up for babysitting?
*Note to self - buy Naomi a present

Then, of course, comes the New Moon release. We can't forget that. Big plans for going to that with girlfriends the night of. (Go, Jacob!)

I'm making a digital photo book of the past year because the deal I've been waiting for is finally here and I only have 10 days before it expires.

And then it's Thanksgiving!!!! Holy cow! And then it's Christmas!!! How does this happen?


Michelle Walkenhorst said...

Busy, busy lady.

So glad someone else is for Jacob. All my friends are on Team Edward.

Elieson Family said...

Oh Nancy. You so make me laugh. And, Jacob? Please! Go Edward!

Cheryl said...

Hi Nancy! Sounds like YWIE was beautiful.

How's Naomi liking kindergarten? Austin says "hi"! :)

I didn't know that you are Team Jacob too.