Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peaceful Moment

I sat on the couch. The beautiful, seldom used, super comfy, yellow couch in my living room. My feet were up. I was covered in a soft fleece blanket, and under that I wore my "comfy clothes". My favorite candle burned nearby. The high second-story windows of the living room were above me letting in the gray, but bright, light of day. I read by only that light. Rain tinked on the windows. Everything else was silent. I read Jane Eyre.

For an hour.

Of total peace.

Thank you so much, Richard. That was just what I needed after my busy day yesterday.


SewsCute said...

OH, I just finished Jane Eyre. Sounds so nice. You must have an angel for a husband!

erica said...

good man. good job using your time well. and I love Jane Eyre. I can't figure out why, though.

Spencer and Kami said...

You should be a writer Nancy - I could feel the peace you experienced just by reading your blog!