Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Tea Party

Three girls dressed as Princesses, a ton of fun snacks, crown-shaped PB&J sandwiches, Princess music in the background, goody bags full of Princess accessories, and of course, tea!

The girls decorated Naomi's birthday banner to start off.
Then the tea party commenced.
Topics of conversation ranged from race dynamics to which Disney Princess is the best. (Sleeping Beauty won the popular vote)
And, of course, there were presents.

And playing.
And much happiness in all the land.
Just wait until tonight when we do another family-party and give her even more presents. I am really enjoying showering my Princess with love.


Clyde said...

One word: CUTE! And she lives happily ever after!

angela michelle said...

the girls look beautiful. how did you make that cake?? did you just trim circles?

erica said...

you're such a fabulous mom!

Nancy Sabina said...

For the cake I used a heart shaped cake pan. No cutting involved, Ang.

Wendy said...

how lucky are you to have such a royal event at your home. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Elieson Family said...

Looks like a jolly good time Nancy, way to go.
I like to shower Salem as well =)

Spencer and Kami said...

WONDERFUL pictures Nancy!!! The little ladies look so pretty!! I'm so glad she had a blast! I LOVE the setup you had for them at the dining room table!! You are amazing Miss Nancy!