Friday, November 13, 2009


Asher keeps petting me today. I'm wearing a fleecy sweater and apparently he likes the feel of it. On his face. And hands. And arms. And ears. ...

Isaiah now uses his version of the following words regularly: you, why, more, please, bye bye, morning, help me. Most of his words couldn't be understood by some random person - but they are the beginnings of the right sounds and that is miraculous to me!

Naomi recently got her first report card back. It was a pretty even split between E's and M's. E for Exceeds standards and M for Meets standards. We are all very happy about it. I had a chance to go into her class for about half an hour recently during school and see how things work. It was wonderful. Her teacher is fabulous! Now I understand why Naomi is so happy when she comes home every day - I was happy too after I left her class!

Asher has taken a hiatus from potty training. He just holds it all day until I put a diaper on him for naptime and bedtime. I think the solution is to stop putting a diaper on him at naptime. But to do that I have to stop locking him into his room during that time. And before I do that I have to do some serious Asher-proofing upstairs. And have a lot of patience. ... Maybe I'll start next week.

I think I'm more excited about Naomi's birthday party next week than she is. We have grand plans for a Princess/Fancy Nancy/tea party. Only two friends were invited - but that just means I could really go all out for the three of them. They'll each be totally decked out in their own boas, necklaces, bracelets, tiaras, rings, etc.

We're all excited about our plans to spend Thanksgiving with Richard's brother Roger and family in PA. (I think Richard is most excited because it means that I won't stress quite as much about the house being perfect, the dinner being perfect, the decorations being perfect, etc, etc, etc.)

(Does anyone out there ever read "etc, etc, etc." without thinking of The King and I? Yes? ... Must just be me then.)

My will to blog is shrinking. I think it's just that I'm super busy right now. Hopefully it'll come back when life calms down a little. And when I get a computer that isn't liable to self-implode at any second and doesn't take three years to do each little thing.

Sometimes I really want to yell at blogger, "Naptime IS a word! It's a major part of my day. It's a real thing! If naptime doesn't exist then I might die!" (Blogger thinks I should put "nap time" but I firmly hold that it is one word. In my world, it is one word. Just like "wa la" is a real word in my world)


erica said...

I hope you don't take a hiatus from blogging. I love reading about your life. I really love it. somehow it makes my life better.
and I want to meet your kids.

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