Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't Blink

Because you might miss Sammy growing up too quickly. Today I put away a few baby things and thought, "How can I put away these baby things? He's still a baby!"
But now he's a baby who rolls around on the floor. When I pick him up, he's not in the same place as he was when I lay him down. Yesterday I saw him get up onto his hands a knees for a second! We've officially reached the phase where no small thing can be left on the floor or he'll eat it. (Also known as the vacuum-every-day phase) He won't sleep in the portacrib downstairs anymore - he's aware of us and wants to be up with us if he can hear us. When he sits on my lap while I eat dinner, he tries to grab my food - that means he's ready to eat real food. But I don't think that I'm ready for that! (Not to mention that I gave away my high chair and can't seem to find the small one that I want.)
Why are they so small for so short a time? I know not everybody does, but I love the little-bitty-baby phases. I want more of it!
(But don't worry, I don't want it bad enough to have another baby yet.)


angela michelle said...

i'm bad at commenting on your blog bc i read while feeding betsy. am typing w one hand.

naomi as eleanor is too cute for words. she looks very elegant.

sammy does look like a big boy. *sigh*

erica said...

ya. he's growing like a weed. I love love love the phase he's in now.

Rebecca said...

ah, they grow up so fast! What a cutie.