Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Epic Flu

A long, long time ago (more than two weeks ago) it all began in a place just like this (this exact place, in fact). It began with Asher. And there was much washing of bed linens and pillows and carpet. And there was yelling. Top-of-the-lungs, only-heard-in-horror-films yelling. And it continued with Samuel. And there was much diaper changing and bathing and clothes changing and clothes washing and cuddling. And then it took a small break (thank goodness!) for Kelly and Roko's visit and my big baby shower. But then it was back with Naomi. And there was more washing of bed linens and pillows and carpets. And more lost sleep for the whole house. And much crying and whining. And then it moved on to Isaiah. And there was more washing and laundry and lost sleep - but there was also silence. Eerie silence. I debated sleeping on his bedroom floor because he never made a peep even when ... (you don't want to know).

And then we thought maybe it was done.

But it wasn't. Isn't. Mom got it. And 4 days later, I still feel like crud! And now Dad's got it, too. And I feel terrible for having sent my kids back to school just two days after they were so sick, because if they still felt like I feel today, it's not good.

This flu really is epic. Certainly nothing like a 24 hour bug. Will it ever end? It feels like maybe it's been so long since this all began that we're in risk of starting the whole cycle over again. We've gone through an entire box of Saltines in those few weeks. And gallons of Pedialyte and Kool-Aid. And loaves of toast. ...But on the upside, we're saving on milk!


Mark A said...

So have to ask... For the sake of my family risk assessment... did you guys get flue shots?
I'm hoping No and that ours will protect us. If you did it would seem we are in for it.

Nancy Sabina said...

Naomi actually did get a flu shot because they did it at school. But the rest of us did NOT. So I'm not sure what that does for your risk assessment, but good luck! I really will feel terrible if Kelly gets this.

erica said...

further upside - everyone has had it. so you're done. good job.

and sorry.