Monday, March 21, 2011

Learning Portuguese

Richard gets to go to Brazil next month. For work -so it's all paid for. Maybe for like 3 weeks. And he keeps trying to convince me to go too. And I do want to go. But I want to go when I can stay and enjoy it for a while and not stress about money as much as I would if I went next month. So, I'm not going. This time. But I figured it was time to kick things up a notch as far as learning Portuguese. Because I at least have to know how to ask where the bathroom is, right?

So Richard made up these index cards that we have now stuck up all around the house. First there's the English word, then the Portuguese word, then a semi-phonetic garble of letters to help me remember how to pronounce it.

And Naomi drew this lovely picture to help us learn the family words.
Ya gotta start somewhere, right?

Tchau! (Or, for you non-Portuguese speakers, thats chow - or goodbye)

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