Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Cruise

Pictures are still developing (we took disposable waterproof cameras), but the highlights of our cruise to the Bahamas are:

Seeing Adam Hunter, the comedian, and having him refer to Richard as "Jared From Subway".
Singing "Love Shack" as a duet for karaoke. Badly.
Going down a water slide that was seriously a story-high vertical drop that ended in a shark tank. With sharks. REAL sharks.
Going down a much slower water slide into the same shark tank and getting to actually look at the sharks.
Riding a mile long "lazy river" with rapids and huge waves and the option to veer right and go down a slide that drops you right back into the lazy river.
Multiple naps in the same day.
Sipping Pina Coladas in a hot tub on the back of the boat in an "adults only" area.
Mocking the ridiculously bad "show" the cruise put on. Seriously, it was worse than most high school productions I've seen.
Ordering a fresh plate of cookies each night delivered to our room.
Beating Richard at air hockey. (OK, it was a draw - he won one, I won one.)
Freedom to do what we want when we want. Or NOT do.
Dressing up just for fun.
Chatting with total strangers like we're old friends.
Spending 3 days together without being apart one bit.
Remembering that we really do enjoy each other very, very much.


kashurst said...

Sounds faaabulous!

erica said...

that sounds like the dreamiest vacation ever.