Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

Richard was out of town this past weekend. And it was General Conference weekend. Not really a great combination. I figured that I had to really work on getting the kids wiggles out on Saturday so that they wouldn't go crazy or drive me crazy when we were home together all day on Sunday. The weather was terrible so we went to the mall Saturday morning. We rode the carousel AND the train (usually I make the kids choose) and played at the play-place. During nap time I watched some Conference. That afternoon Ruth came over to play (and to tell us about her trip to Europe!). When the kids went to bed, she and I watched more General Conference. Sunday morning I finished up the two sessions of Conference that I'd already started. Then I had to wait until noon when more Conference was on. And I watched more. And the kids napped. And we watched more.

And this is the part where suddenly it felt like I was in a never-ending cycle of Conference, grip at kids, feed them, Conference, grip at kids, feed them, Conference, grip at kids, feed them. I think I did that for a week straight. Oh, wait, it was only 6 very long hours. Anyway, the afternoon seemed long and lonely. I don't think I actually got much out of any of the Conference that I watched that afternoon. I'll have to re-watch/read it all.

Anyway, it was a long day. But it's over now. And it really could have been worse. In so many ways.

If you see my husband, could you send him home? Soon?

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erica said...

my husband WAS home, and I have 2 not 4. and it was still ...not uplifting to me. maybe another time, right?