Thursday, October 6, 2011

Planetary Orbiting and Sore Abs

When I am standing in the kitchen at the counter making lunch or dinner or whatever, Samuel feels that he needs to be close to me. Not that unusual, right? Except that how he wants to be close to me is by circling around my legs like a planet orbiting. He puts one arm on my legs and just walks in circles. If I am standing too close to the counter to allow such rotations, he screeches and pushes until I step back. Sometimes he prefers to sit between me and the cupbaord, on my toes. This often leads to me stirring or scrubbing or measuring at arms length. Which is a bit of an ab workout. Like when you're pregnant and can't seem to get close enough to anything.
But who could be mad at this sweet face?
Who could scold an angel?
Not me.


Jessica said...

Wow! He has changed from a baby to a toddler!

erica said...

Yeah. Evey comes and hugs my legs. And if she wants to 'experience' cooking, she'll push me away from the counter. You're right - measuring, chopping, and stirring all become a workout.
cute boy.
cute overalls.