Friday, October 21, 2011


This is Year 4 for me of a Preschool trip to Pumpkinville. I actually feel pretty sad that next year I won't have a Preschooler to take me on this trip.
Isaiah started off the morning totally ramped up. He was chomping at the bit to get in there!
The first place we hit, as usual, was the petting zoo portion. Isaiah loved this silly camel. And the feelings seemed to be reciprocated! The camel kept walking away from other people to come over to where Isaiah was. (Maybe it was the hat!)
Isaiah also bravely fed a big fat pig, sheep, cows, and chickens. His favorite were the chickens. He loved chasing them.
Then the playing began.

Last year Isaiah needed help making it up this rock climbing wall. This year he was totally sure that he could handle it all by himself. And he did it! He only had trouble at the very top figuring out how to swing one leg over the ledge and climb into the spook house above.
Here he is making his scary face - just like the Jack-o-lantern.
And in the corn maze:
Admiring the tractors huge wheels:
Driving a haunted school bus. I actually learned a lot about Isaiah at this point in the trip. Isaiah is not use to fighting his own battles! It took two adults full intervention to get him his turn sitting at the wheel of this bus. He was just standing there waiting for his turn, but there were so many kids that they just kept brushing by him. Even when I coaxed him that his turn was next, he hesitated long enough that the kid behind him pushed in front of him. He must be use to Asher taking charge in situations like this. See that kid in the gray and red sweatshirt and how he's looking at me a little warily? That's because I basically had to yell at everybody on the bus to back off in order to get Isaiah his turn.
But he was happy.
Sliding down the huge slides:
On the hay ride with Mommy:
And lastly, but most importantly, with his very own pumpkin:
We'll just have to go to Pumpkinville as a family next year - but it just won't be the same as our special Mommy/Preschooler trips.


Ruthie said...

Oh so cute! I love how, even with the disgruntled bigger kid, he is totally focused on driving that bus and having a blast without a care in the world.

angela michelle said...

Those are some very sweet pictures. You're smart to leave Sammy at home and let this be a special time with Isaiah. Are you saying Isaiah will be in kindergarten next year?? Crazy!