Wednesday, December 26, 2007


There are so many wonderful traditions this time of year. The tree, the presents, the Pogacha, shopping, caroling, parties, etc. There are some traditions that are spiritually based and some that are just for fun. Today, I'd like to talk about one that is most certainly just for fun.
People magazine.

People magazine is really a total waste of time. It's trash. But most of it is very interesting trash. I admit to reading it maybe 3 times a year. I mostly love the fashion ones - like the one that comes out after the big award shows showing off the worst and best dresses. And I love to get one in my stocking. Richard is well trained and always fulfills this silly whim of mine. ~He's a good man.~ This year's magazine was especially fun because as I get older I get more and more clueless about what's happening with the "beautiful people". (OK, so maybe my cluelessness has less to do with age, and more to do with the three children taking over my life.)

Do any of you have a silly/embarrassing tradition you'd like to fess up to?


Angela said...

I love getting a magazine in my stocking. Mark usually gets some magazine with something like the 100 greatest scientific discoveries of the year. Lately our tradition is watching whatever movie the kids get. This was the second year in a row it was Harry Potter.

Kelly said...

To go along with the other stocking traditions- My siblings and I get a lot of food in ours (mostly because my mom doesn't want to cook the rest of Christmas day) We always get those little cups of Dinty Moore beef stew, or Chef Boyardee stuff. We always fight and trade for the beef stew! I have given up an entire box of strawberry pop-tarts (yep, we get our own BOXES) for the beef stew!

Catherine M. said...

I'm wondering if our shared traditions are the same as everyone's or if we are the children of parents with strong traditions.

We always do rag mags in the stockings and I think that was Dad's favorite part of Christmas, especially because none of us ever remembered to give him anything but socks and pocket squares.

We also always line up on the stairs in age-order.

Somehow, I need to reintroduce these lovely routines back into my family.