Sunday, April 13, 2008

Asher is TWO

Asher turned two this weekend. I can't believe he's that old, and at the same time I can't believe he's only 2. It was such a great weekend. Let me tell you the story through photos.

The big birthday boy.
Daddy took Naomi and Asher to the circus with Margaret (Richard's Mom), Kevin (his brother) and Karen (his sister who just got back from her mission Friday).

A big THANKS to Cousin Carl who gave us the tickets. The kids had a blast. Every time I ask Naomi what her favorite part was she tells me something else. It became kind of a game over the weekend to ask her what her favorite part was. Her answers range from the ballerinas, to the elephants, the dogs, the TV.

Asher's big present from Mom and Dad was this sand and water table. We didn't get a chance to get the sand yet so we filled both sides up with water. All three kids really enjoyed this toy and I'm happy because it's an "open ended toy" like the experts say is so important. Our backyard is becoming a very cool place to play. Just wait until we get the fence up!

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kelly gave Asher this great Bubble Mower. It blows bubbles when you push it. Asher had a great time pushing it around. Grandma and Grandpa Worth gave Asher some great books. Thanks, guys!

The birthday boy and his car cake made by Mom while he was at the circus.

Here's half the gang hanging out on the back porch. Notice droopy Isaiah in Aunt Kelly's arms. He had his worst day yet as far as Rotavirus. I was very glad I got to stay home with him and give lots of cuddles while everybody else went to the circus. Also notice Naomi is holding a case with makeup brushes. She got that "under the plates" (a Worth tradition where everybody gets presents under their plate at birthday parties). Her imagination ran wild with it. She painted everybody's faces and nails with the air "makeup".

Here's the other half of the gang. The grown-ups here are the youngest three (of 10) Worth kids. I think Richard and Kevin are very happy to have Karen back. We are so proud of her for serving the Lord honorably. These "kids" were playing with their "under the plates" presents which were blow darts and disc guns.

It was such a great day. Asher really had fun. He went straight from morning nap to the circus. Straight from the circus to afternoon nap. Straight from afternoon nap to birthday party. And straight from birthday party to bed. That's partying all day long. And that's my idea of a perfect day for him. So Happy Birthday my big boy! I love you like crazy. One smile from you melts me like butter. One giggle from you makes me laugh out loud. One hug from you and I never want to let go. You make me happy. You are my sunshine. Thank you.


Jessica said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day. Congratulations Asher.

Anonymous said...

Happy B- Day!

Looks like you did it in style fo sho!

Bro Joe

angela michelle said...


Jolie Rodriguez said...

Looks like Asher and Natty were both celebrating on Sat. Happy #2 Asher! We'll be missing you all this weekend (I have to go to Seattle instead of coming for Karen's homecoming), but we'll get down there soon before we move!

Liz said...

That is quite a birthday. The cake is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of those kids! I've never even been to the circus! But actually I am very happy for them. And the cake is very impressive!