Monday, April 7, 2008


I imagine any blogger would admit to writing posts in his/her head as something exciting/tragic/strange/happy/sad/intriguing happened to them. This weekend I think I re-wrote this post at least 5 times. Things didn't exactly happen as planned. And now that I'm sitting in front of the computer to actually type it out I find that I am too exhausted to be very clever about my writing in this post. So let me just summarize and move on.

Asher started being sick on Saturday morning. There were several linen and clothes changes involved and much carpet cleaning (oh, and the carseat). By Saturday around 4pm he was as limp as a rag doll so I took him to the ER. Turns out he has Rotavirus. Which basically just means I can expect 5 to 7 more days of linen and clothes changes with much carpet cleaning. We got home from the ER around 11pm that night. On Sunday, basically the exact same thing happened. He and I ended up back in the ER by about 4pm because Asher was as limp as a rag doll and refused to drink anything. This time they kept us overnight. So he and I just got home. Richard is at work and Naomi and Isaiah are at Grandma Worth's house where they spent the day. Asher is doing better, but he doesn't like to drink anything but milk - which he is not allowed right now - so I worry that he will quickly be back in the ER without an IV to pump him full of some fluids. I think I'll go get his toothbrush and see if he'd like to "brush his teeth" since what that mostly consists of is sucking water off the brush. Maybe later I'll give him a bath and pretend not to notice when he drinks the bath water - which he usually gets in trouble for doing. And Daddy's bringing popsicles home with him. Any other clever ideas for hydrating a kid that refuses to drink?

See you in a few days when I come out of this fog. Please pray for Asher and for the other kids that they don't get it too.


angela michelle said...

Oh, Nancy. *sigh* I think you're on the right track with offering things that are usually off limits. Juice boxes? Capri suns? Cans of pop? Doesn't he like berries--or is that Naomi.

Clyde Taylor said...

Have you tried the frozen pedialyte popsicles? Or you can try freezing capri sun pouches, then scraping-off the frozen shavings with a spoon to make it like a slushie. They can then drink it with a straw. You can also do the same with applesauce that comes in pouches. And if the homemade slushies don't work, regular jello's always worth a try.

ladyshanae said...

Ahh hon :( That is no fun at all! I really do hope the other kiddos are able to avoid it - you do NOT need 3 kids with this. Ugh!!!

We'll keep you all in our prayers! *hugs hugs hugs*

graffiti said...

Nancy, Alice just got over a sort of strain of the rotavirus. no ER visits, thank heavens, but she dropped 2 pounds and scared her mom a bunch. We got a probiotic at the pharmacy (to build up the good natural flora that is currently being flushed), fed pedialite with a spoon, and she got a blessing from the home teachers and her daddy. she could handle about 2 teaspoons of liquid every half hour and that is a help. good luck and we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.