Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today we ordered lumber, the lumber was delivered, Dad dug 14 post holes, and so far he's got 7 posts cemented in to those holes. And he's not done for the day yet! I think his plan is to get all the posts in today. Naomi is faithfully out in the yard with him. She "helped" dig holes thanks to Grandpa buying her her very own shovel. And now she is turning the water on and off for him each time he makes the cement. She is loving it. I am loving the fact that she is outside loving it.

Have I mentioned how excited I am about having a fence? I am just sure that all my problems will be solved. Any time the kids are going stir crazy (or I am going crazy) I can just open the back door and send them out! ... I know it won't really be that simple. But a girl can dream, right?

The lumber!
Digging holes
Naomi with her shovel
Cementing in posts


Liz said...

Someone needs to tell Naomi that white tights are not the proper attire for digging holes and mixing cement!

angela michelle said...

I agree with mom--my first comment was how hilarious it is that Naomi is helping dig holes wearing white tights. And yes, yes the fence will solve all your problems. You can even let Isaiah loose out there! You know my strategy on "picnic" lunches :)