Friday, April 18, 2008

Thursday's update

There are too many men in this house. I'm not getting my fair share of computer time! So that's my excuse for not getting pictures of the progress on the fence up yesterday.
So here are Thursday's pics:

Today Richard worked from home in the morning and is able to help Dad in the afternoon/evening. They're hoping to get all the horizontal boards up. Then tomorrow several Worth Boys are coming to town with their families for Karen's homecoming on Sunday. So they'll pitch in and we'll get all the slats up and everything finished. Thanks Worths!
Also, the latest addition to this project is a sand box! We have some leftover pieces that we cut off the tops of the posts and they're just enough to make a sandbox in the corner. Woo-who!

Below are pics from today so far:

I had to add this one of my sexy hubby in his safety glasses. Isn't he a stud? (Pardon the curtains wrapped around their rods in the background. I was cleaning window sills.)

And this is Isaiah with his nose pressed up against the back door as he watches Dad and Grandpa work in the backyard. He's spent a lot of time like that in the last few days. It's so cute! I can't get over him in that outfit though. It's Asher's! Asher wore it all last summer and it just seems too soon to have another boy wearing it. The boys clothes' in this house get hardly any break between one brother and the other.

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angela michelle said...

I love it when clothes can just go from one boy's drawer to the other's. LOVE those ankles on Isaiah. So--is it all done??