Friday, March 26, 2010


Richard has been working really hard lately to get a new version of jQuery UI out to the public. He was even out of town for 5 days over last weekend while he worked on it in Boston with some other guys. And it seems that the effort is not going unnoticed. Well, at least the "big picture" isn't.

A very complimentary article came out today about jQuery (the parent of jQuery UI) on Pingdom (a technology news blog). Check it out here. Some of the highlights are:

"jQuery is open source, web developers love it, it’s been embraced by a slew of big companies, and is close to becoming a de facto standard for website development"

"jQuery has crushed the competition."

"This could very well be it, the one core Javascript library to rule them all and become, if not an official standard, at least an unofficial industry standard for web developers."

I know that most of the details of this are foreign to most of you (I know this because they are foreign to ME and I live with a guy who works on it every day), but I think you can still see how awesome a project this is. And how awesome a guy it is that I live with. It's exciting that this project that Richard jumped in on the ground floor of has exploded to such great proportions.

Way to go, Babe!

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angela michelle said...

I love getting peeks at Richard's secret life as a techie rock star. (Mark and I still like to chuckle over the breathless adoration of the guy that took a picture of "me and Richard Worth.) Richard will take over the world!