Monday, March 15, 2010

Massanutten Weekend

The plan was to leave at 11am. Then it was to leave at 4pm. Then 3pm. Then 11 again. Then we were all ready to go at 11, but Isaiah did something to his foot. And instead of leaving for our weekend getaway at 11am, we left for the doctor's office. And then x-rays. After finding out that Isaiah's foot or ankle were not broken or fractured, but probably sprained or twisted, we finally left for our weekend around 4pm. (Feeling slightly guilty about leaving a drugged-up, limping, sad Isaiah for other's to deal with.)
(Good grief! Look at those puppy dog eyes! No wonder this kid gets whatever he wants!)
We arrived at our time-share condo at about 7pm. And were. Blown. A. Way! It was huge! The living room was bigger than the one in our house. The bathroom for was bigger than the boy's room. And our entire family could happily have simultaneously bathed in the huge jacuzzi. That night we just watched a movie and settled in.

The next day we headed to the huge waterpark on the premises. We lazy rivered, and went down slide after slide. Richard loved the ones that were big tubes totally in the dark. I never even tried those after going down one of the "faster" slides and nearly winding up with my swimsuit top all pushed up around my neck. (Seriously, People, I was millimeters away from a major wardrobe malfunction.)

Then we leisurely lunched, napped, lazed about, went to dinner, napped, lazed about, played in the arcade, lazed about, etc.

The next day we had big plans for Richard to go skiing. But it was raining so we opted for lazing about some more. We felt very luxurious as we watched a movie and ate Oreo's at 11am. Then napped.

Eventually we checked out, ate, and headed back to reality.

Richard and I have the most fun on these little weekends when we just let ourselves do whatever. No plans. No "we have to do this just because we can do this". We really do enjoy just spending time together. I'm always reminded on these trips how much Richard makes me laugh. And how much I love that. And him.

When we made it home the kids were... shall we say... HYPER. We brought them each a bouncy football-shaped ball that they've pretty much played with ever since - we won the balls using our tickets from the arcade.

Big thanks go to our friends Kami and Spencer and his parents for giving us the timeshare, and Aunt Kelly and Aunt Ruth for helping with the kids.
Ahhhh, the memories.

(PS - Isaiah is still limping a bit. His foot is clearly still bothering him even when he's drugged up. He must have really twisted it or something. Poor guy. I have a doctor's appointment for him on Thursday to check on his ear infection, so if it's still bothering him then I'll ask about it again.)


erica said...

a weekend away sounds dreamy. I'm so glad you got to do that!

Spencer and Kami said...

YAY!!! So glad you had a blast!!!

Elieson Family said...


Gram B said...

I'm really glad that you enjoyed your time at the Condo. Nice tub, aye? Liz Boulter