Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

I'm not baking a chocolate cake right now just because it sounded good. Not me.

I'm not wearing sweat pants even though I had jeans on earlier to go out and run errands. Not me.

And I certainly haven't been wearing the same sweat pants for about 3 weeks now on a daily basis. Nope. Not me.

I've also recently washed my one pair of jeans that fits me. Because I would never be afraid that if I washed them they might not fit for the next year. Not me.

I'm not behind on laundry. Never.

I did not eat an entire tube of Girl Scout Cookies during naptime. Not me. (But if I had it totally wouldn't be that big a deal because those cookies are tiny!)

I did not stay out until 11pm on Saturday night with girlfriends. Not me. (But if I had it would have been very therapeutic. And yummy.)

And most importantly, and for real, I did NOT get sick this morning! Or yesterday morning! Things are looking up - yes they are! I'm not quite at the end of my first trimester, but I'm already feeling better and feeling very, very thankful for that!!!

I'm linking this up to the blog My Charming Kids and her Not Me Monday. She's lots of fun to follow on Twitter, too, if you're looking for some fun in that way.

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angela michelle said...

Okay, so REALLY you didn't get sick this morning?! Yay! I think you're making it across the finish line into trimester two!