Saturday, July 31, 2010

Special Mommy/Naomi Time

Since the very first day that I was home on bed rest, I've been telling the kids that the great part is that I'm always going to be there for them. Cuddles, books, sob stories, whatever - I'm there on their level just waiting for them. I've also been trying to have special one-on-one time with each of them pretty regularly, if not every day.
Today was special Mommy/Naomi time all morning. The boys went to a birthday party with Daddy while Naomi and I stayed home.

First we played with our new Pop Beads. We love these things! Even the boys have fun with them, but it was a special treat to get to play all girly with them. By the end Naomi and I each had several necklaces and bracelets.
Then we played a couple of rousing rounds of Guess Who. You can see that Naomi was about to whoop me on this round.
Then Naomi made herself some lunch and, to make it more special, was allowed to eat her lunch in the family room while watching TV.
The boys have another birthday party to go to next Saturday and I already made plans for Naomi to have a playdate during that time so that she won't feel left out. But at the end of our special time together she said, "I wish we could just do this again next week instead." I think by next week she'll have changed her mind, but it was good to hear that she had a good time.
And it was really good for me to feel like an actual productive adult for the morning. Really I felt more like the fun Aunt than the Mommy, but that's a good feeling too!


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angela michelle said...

Oh Nancy, four gold stars for you. Sounds like such a fun treat for Naomi. Way to turn your cloud into a silver lining.

Mom said...
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Mom said...

You have got to find someone who can translate what the Chines/Japanese (or whatever language it is)person is saying. I have seen several comments. Does it not just intrigue you to know!!!
My plea: Whoever you are, if you can read the English, can you comment in English? We would love to know your comments.