Monday, August 2, 2010

I've Decided

I've decided that Samuel's birthday should be August 26.

Here's why: First of all, he should be born on a Thursday because that's my doctor's day to be in the hospital all day and do all his planned deliveries (c-sections, inducements, surgeries, etc.). August 26 is the Thursday that I choose because Samuel'll be 36.5 weeks at that point. Some places I've read say that 37 weeks is counted as full term (I've always heard 38 weeks was full term, but who am I to argue with the internet?), so really August 26 is only a few days early. And, August 26 is this month! That just sounds good to me... to know that I'll be having a baby this month. Plus, I'm worried about this baby getting too big when I have absolutely no muscles left to push him out. I really, really worry that it'd become one of those situations where I push and push until I'm over-exhausted and then they have to do a c-section because I'm passed out. So earlier is better in that way.

Richard says I should wait one week more than that, until September 2. But school starts on September 7 and I want things to be a little more stable for the other kids before then.

Of course, all of this is mostly irrelevant. What I want, or what Richard wants, is really not the most important thing is this situation. It's about what's best for Samuel (she admits, grudgingly). If my doctor told me that it would be better to wait until September 2, or even the 9th, I would. Bitterly, but I would.

I have another appointment on August 10 and I'll discuss this plan with my doc then. We'll see what he thinks about it. He asked my opinion on the matter at my last appointment and I told him that I promised I would not have the baby before August 7, which is my baby shower, but that after that I made no promises. He laughed and patted me on the shoulder. So we'll just have to wait until August 10 to see what he really thinks.

So that puts you up to date on the circle that I think through every 5 minutes of every day. What I want, what Richard wants, what's best for the baby, what the doctor will say, what I want, what Richard wants, etc. Over and over. And over. Maybe it helps me feel in control. But every mother knows that sometimes you just really aren't in control of when a baby comes. I may get no say in the matter whatsoever. Gosh darn it.


ladyshanae said...

Speaking from a 36 hour labor with a 37 weeker who did not want to come out, I'd warn ya a bit. Being induced when you are close to your due date isn't too bad, but being induced when the kid isn't really ready . . . well, that equals 36 hours of labor - or did for me!

Also, after talking to some nurses when Caroline was born - the 36/37 week babies tend to be more sleepy (sounds good, but not always a good thing!) and more difficult to feed (breastfeeding especially).

I don't want to put a damper on your plans, I just want to warn you! 37 weeks is still considered premature, at least according to the hospital I delivered at. If you can do it, try to hold out for week 38!

Love ya!

Clyde said...

All about you, Richard, and such. What about us your cyber stalkers friends (or the somehow "we're related to you"... you know, the Benac connection, and the Grandma Helen/Aunt Liz/Uncle Earl that my kids do) :)

I think Sept. 2nd is a fabulous date - I second Ladyshanae about staying close to the 38 weeks deadline; plus it's always good to be INTO the timeslot of the baby's ripe-ness. (It may be not practical for your plans like school-wise, etc. but it's probably the safest way... if your Dr. agreed to it.)

In any case, we'll go with whatever you decide, you just need to bring that baby out so we can finally meet Samuel and all of his cute-ness!

Nancy Sabina said...

I can't believe you guys aren't on my side!!! I've been laying down for 3 mooooooooonnnntths!


I hate that you're right.

Ruthie said...

I'm on your side!!! BEST birthday present EVER!!!!!

chelsea said...

I think you are a total rock star for even making it to 33 weeks. so by all means have that baby on the 26th... we can share our birthday month!

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