Monday, September 27, 2010


My sister, Angela, was just teasing me that I may be "back", as my last post was titled, but I'm certainly not back to blogging. Hey, life is busy! ... I'm just not quite sure what I'm so busy doing since it seems like I reach the end of the day and I've done nothing. I guess when you spend 6 hours a day sitting on a couch feeding a baby, it leaves little time for much else. Anyway, I'll try to do better. I do want to document these crazy times.
Samuel is doing great still. We've hit a few bumps with feeding, but nothing major. He's growing so fast still. At his 2 week appointment he had gained exactly one pound from his birth weight, and I'm sure he's continued to grow since then. His cheeks are filling out! I can't wait until he gets good and chubby!

Naomi is loving first grade still. She especially loves that they do art, music, gym, and Spanish. Her teacher is fabulous and even made a personal visit to our house since I hadn't been able to make it to the school to meet her.
Asher is becoming the sweetest boy ever. He is such a peacemaker in our home, especially with Isaiah. And he's is loving his preschool much, much more than he did last year. I think part of that is that he has very enthusiastic teachers, and part of it is having out-grown his grumpy phase. He loves to do the craft projects this year, which he flat out refused to do a lot of the time last year.

I guess Asher replaced Isaiah as the sweetest boy ever, so Isaiah has adopted the role of trouble maker extraordinaire. He is pouty and defiant. The real problem, though, is that he's still so darn cute that it's hard to discipline him. He's loving preschool, too.
And I feed the baby. That's all. ...Well, not really, but that's how it feels some days. I'm slowly re-claiming my house, cupboard by cupboard. I miss Naomi when she's off at school, but it's fun to have time with just me and the boys. I'm dreaming of going to see a movie in a real movie theatre. And I'm wishing my husband would stop working long enough to hang out with me.

My THREE boys, playing at the kitchen table:
Richard is working. A lot! He's great about helping with the pick-ups and drop-offs and breakfast and dinner, but he swoops in, helps, and swoops back off to work much faster than I'd like. Now that I'm up and about, I want to hang out with my awesome hubby! But hopefully this crazyness won't last much longer.


angela michelle said...

love, love that top pic. ingenious to use the magnetix on cookie sheets. if I had thought of that, maybe we'd still have some magnetix. :)

Clyde said...

You sure know how to make sweet boys. Samuel is growing up so charmingly.

kashurst said...

I love you & your little family!