Thursday, September 2, 2010

Play By Play

6am: Grandma Worth arrives to watch sleeping kids while we head in for a 6:45 check-in.

7am: We arrive in the labor and delivery room and enjoy bedside registration.

8am: Dr. Tashman successfully has half the stitches removed, but we decide we need an epidural before removing any more.

9am: Epidural. Ahhhh.

10am: More searching for stitches to be removed. Dr. Tashman snipped the last stitch but didn't remove the thread.

11am: It looks like I'm in good labor, so we decide to leave things alone for now, and see how it progresses.

12noon: Still laboring. Yeah for epidurals. Sleeping and watching TV.

1pm: Not really progressing, so we decide to try Pitocin to speed up the contractions. Dr. Tashman comes in an ups the pitocin level, which causes Samuel's heart rate to drop, so we turn it off.

2pm: Back to waiting for natural labor progression.

3pm: Sleeping, watching TV, sleeping, watching TV. Not much on other than crazy hostage crisis in MD on every local and national news channel.

4pm: Dr. Tashman removed the last stitch, thinking it was still keeping things tight even though it was snipped. With all the stitches removed, we decide to try Pitocin again and it crashes Samuel (again) and Nancy, so we stop again. Latest theory is the umbilical cord is pinched or wrapped around Samuel somehow, maybe around his neck.

5pm: One more try with Pitocin but the recovery between crashes is too long. Natural contractions starting to weaken and slow instead of progressing.

6pm: There is mention of a C-section in our near future if labor doesn't progress beyond this point.

7pm: Samuel starts crashing even without Pitocin and my temperature reaches 99.9 so we quickly decide to go ahead with a C-section, which had been discussed and prayed about for the last hour.

8pm: I am in the OR with Richard in scrubs by my head, holding my hand and ready with the camera.

8:07pm: Samuel is born :) No complications, nothing is wrong. Dr. T says the cord was too short for Samuel to have ever gone through the birth canal. We cry for joy.

9pm: I join Samuel and Richard in post-op recovery.

10pm: We hear that all of Samuel's tests are normal, even though he is considered late pre-term (37.5 weeks). I get to drink something other than water for the first time in 24 hours.

11pm: We finally settle into our postpartum room.

11:01pm: ZZzzzzzzz....


Jessica said...

Aren't you happy for modern medicine? And doesn't it scare you to think some women are having their babies at home (by choice) at least 1.5 hours away from the nearest hospital?

Clyde said...

Nicely done with the labor/delivery and keeping up with the accounts by the hour. I really hope you get home soon so you can have Samuel just for you - no more sharing him w/ nurses and doctors.

(I'm also glad for technology/modern medicine... Oh. yes! No natural thingy for me :))