Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm Back

I can't believe the change in myself just from the beginning of this week til now. I felt so un-capable at the start of this week. I felt completely overwhelmed. I was sure that *if* I did live through the week, it would be the hardest week of my life.

But I lived. Because I talked to my doctor and he basically told me that I should just get over it. Ya know, nicely. I asked if all that I was feeling was normal or if the pain meant I had done too much. And he told me it was normal. And that's all I needed to hear, I guess. If I have to live with some pain, fine. I can do that. But I was just so ... freaked out, I guess, by how different the recovery from a C-section was that I couldn't see past the pain.

But now that I've been told to get over it, I've moved on. I'm fine. There's still pain, and it's not like I'm running marathons or even up and down the stairs. But I feel much more able to handle life as it comes now. ... All just because I was told to.

So this week I've done a slew of things that I honestly haven't done in four months. I showered and dressed and put on make-up every single day. I did laundry. I did dishes. I put the kids to bed up in their rooms. I made and served dinner to the family. I shopped - by myself, with just Samuel and with all the kids. I threw a birthday party for Richard with decorations and such. I straightened this or that which have been ignored for months.

And it all felt so good! And exhausting! I'm certainly not 100% yet, but after months of such limitations, even 30% seems like a lot!

I'm glad to be back.


Grampa Earl said...

Good for you!
We miss all of you, but we're very glad to hear you are picking up and moving on. Love ya!

Nichole said...

So great to hear that you are doing better and handling the mental pain as well as the physical. I am sure it must be nice to do the every-day mom chores that the others of us complain and gripe about :) We really do take so much for granted. Let me know if you want me to take your kiddos sometime!

angela michelle said...

Oh Nancy that is so great! You are so awesome. Seriously I am have been so impressed with you from the beginning of this whole thing all the way to the end. Enjoy your big flock!

Mom said...

yep, I knew you were up to it. "There they go, I must hurry and follow them, for I am their leader." A favorite quote from Valerie Wood. Life keeps going and going and going and we have signed up to go with it.

Nancy said...

You showered and dressed and put on make-up every single day???? Wow. That's more than I can say in a good week. And you cooked, too???? You go girl!

angela michelle said...

back...but not back to blogging. hey! blog to us!