Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School Begins

School started here with much less fanfare than usual. Grandma Ashurst was a huge help since I was still pretty much totally out of commission. But despite me not being very involved, the kids had great first days.

Naomi started first grade at Rolling Ridge Elementary. Go Roadrunners! She is gone until 3pm and we really miss her!

Asher returned to Preschool at Kids Under Construction for another year of fun. And Isaiah started at Kids Under Construction. They both go three days a week in the mornings. They are in different classes, but were very excited to have seen each other in the hall once. Isaiah also has speech therapy still two days a week - so there are pick ups and drop offs every day of the week. For now, Daddy is doing all of that - but as soon as I'm cleared for driving again by my doctor, it'll be me doing most of it.

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