Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Naomi the fairy
Asher the spider
Isaiah the dalmation
Sammy the frog
Mommy the gypsy
Daddy the pirate

First Asher and Isaiah marched in their preschool parade. Asher was sure that he was too cool to march in the parade this year until his teacher reminded him that they get candy along the parade route.

Isaiah loved the idea of parading around in his costume. Too bad he wouldn't wear his puppy dog ears - most people thought he was dressed as a cow. While he marched in the parade he yelled out to me as he passed, "I love you! I love you! I love you!". It got quite a crowd reaction.Naomi's favorite part of her costume was that I put makeup on her.
I made Sammy's hat! Ribbit!
Here's the big kids at the church trunk or treat. This was actually the only trick or treating we did this year. Richard went out of town Sunday afternoon, and I wasn't about to go door to door with four kids and no help. So on Sunday I just let the kids answer the door. They were just as excited about that as the real trick or treating. There was a complicated system for figuring whose turn it was to open the door and who got to hold the bowl.
Richard put a lot of work into his costume. A hat, an eye patch, and his belt around the outside of his shirt. He had lots of fun "arrrrggghhh"ing at all the other pirates.
What does it say about me and my personal style that I could throw together a gypsy costume out of things in my closet that I really do wear regularly in real life?


Karen Hess said...

I love the costumes, they all turned out so cute. You're kids are so great, miss you guys!

erica said...

you're family is really beautiful. and I recognize that pashmena. you look like a hot mamma!