Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sammy's Blessing

Sammy had a special day on Sunday. His blessing day was a beautiful, sunny, crisp Fall day. Richard blessed him in church, with his Dad (Sammy's Grandpa) and brother Kevin (Sammy's Uncle) and several friends from church. Sammy was blessed with love by many people, health, faith, and a desire for good. It was a beautiful blessing.

And he looked absolutely adorable for it in the outfit that his Grandma Ashurst made. Asher and Isaiah wore the same outfit. Sammy is the only one who actually really fit in the hat.

It was mentioned in his blessing how anxiously we waited for Sammy's little spirit to join his body here on Earth. I still feel lucky every day that we pulled off this great feat. Sammy is truly our miracle.


angela michelle said...

very sweet pictures nanc

Clyde said...

Beautiful all over the place!