Thursday, November 11, 2010


Take a minute and think about where you sleep. I assume you're now thinking about your bed. Now think about all the places that you don't sleep. Are you like me in that you can't sleep on an airplane? Too many people around. How about a bus? Or some other public place? It's a little creepy, right? Sleeping when you know other people could be looking at you. I don't even like falling asleep on my own couch during the day if I know Richard is walking around awake in the house. It's just weird.

Now think about babies. They sleep everywhere. Planes, buses, grocery stores, church, the car, whatever. And their favorite place is generally in their Mama's arms. Because that's where they feel safest. Not alone in a bed, but snuggled deep into the arms of the person they love the most.

It sure does feel good to be that person who Sammy loves the most. It feels good to be depended on. It feels good to be loved so unabashedly and publicly and innocently. Even when I'm exhausted from the day and rocking Sammy seems a little like torture in my exhausted state, it still feels so good to be so loved by him.

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Alicia said...

What a cute family! And you look gorgeous! I can't believe how big Naomi is getting. I hope you get lots and lots of sleep in the next few days. Who knows if that will happen, but you can dream, right? :)