Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Out of Town

Richard has been going out of town a lot lately. Excessively, really. But he's had several great opportunities that he just couldn't pass up, so off he went. When he's going to be out of town for a while, I make arrangements (like when his sister Karen came to stay with us recently and in a couple of weeks my sister and Mom are coming while he's gone). But for most of his trips I just muddle through while he's away. I talk to him on the phone, and the kids Skype with him at night sometimes. On this last trip he even read them bedtime stories over Skype.

When I talk to Richard while he's out of town he's usually sitting alone in a hotel room. Often he has an evening of work ahead of him. And I have an evening of baby-ness ahead of me. And I usually can't help but think how much I'd like to switch places with him. How much I'd like to be the one all alone in a quiet room - even if I had to work while I was there.

So this weekend I get my wish. This weekend I am going "out of town". My ward is having their Super Saturday (a mega-crafty morning) until noon, then I'm just not going home afterward. I think I'll go see a movie, go out to lunch, do some shopping, hit the outlet mall, go out to dinner, then I am going to check into a hotel all alone. And I'll sit in a quiet room by myself (with no work to do!). I figure that by that evening I'll be pretty lonely. And I think that's great! I can't wait to feel lonely! I'll sleep all night with no interruptions. I'll get dressed the next morning without running downstairs three times to break up fights. Then I'll meet my family at church and resume normal life.

...Just thinking about it almost gives me goose bumps I'm so excited for it.

Here's to going "out of town"!


angela michelle said...

You're a hoot. I think it sounds divine. Take a long hot shower for me.

There's a famous short story where a mother just needs some space, so they make a spare room into her getaway, but it's still not enough, so she eventually starts renting a hotel room that she just sits quietly in, but it's still not enough. So in the end she kills herself.

erica said...

wow. I've never done that. I'd love it. love. it.

Nichole said...

I highly suggest getting some alone time. I had about 5 hours in a hotel when Nate was interviewing for a job and it was WONDERFUL!! I only wish I'd had even more time alone. Good for you for making time for yourself... you totally deserve it!