Saturday, February 5, 2011


We had big plans today to go to the huge aquarium in Baltimore. We bought the tickets last night so that we'd be sure to be able to get in at the time we wanted.
And then Isaiah started puking.
And then I started feeling sick, too.
And the next morning the poor kids' hearts were broken when we told them that nobody was going to the aquarium.

Now we're just really hoping that this all ends with Isaiah and I. Richard is out of town next week so it would be bad if he got sick. And since he'll be out of town, it would be bad if I was still sick. Or if several kids were sick simultaneously. Or if little Sammy got this and ended up in the hospital.

We've been lucky so far this winter as far as being pretty healthy. I guess all I'm saying is, couldn't that luck last another week?
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angela michelle said...

such a bummer! hope everyone is doing better today.