Sunday, February 13, 2011


Richard and I went to a church swing dance last night. We danced for hours - until we literally limped to the car with sore feet. We have never had such a great chance to just dance and dance and dance together before. It was such a blast! We both really love to swing. Neither of us is technically great, we just enjoy it. Richard loves to twirl me around until I'm ready to fall over. Plus, it was fun to have a reason to dress up and go out together. We felt a little like we did in our youth, heading to a Stake dance on Saturday night.

This little video is Daddy teaching Naomi how to swing. She actually picked it up pretty well, in my opinion!


erica said...

jealous. yup. my richard doesn't dance much. and I love it.

chelsea said...

richard is my favorite swing partner too... i bet you didn't know that huh? i have fond memories of dancing with him at Ricks!

kashurst said...

How fun! Our ward never does that kind of stuff. But then again, Mark doesn't dance.