Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kelly and Roko

I haven't blogged in nearly a week! Since that sunny, bloggy day, we've had a snow day. Yep. I told you Mother Nature was a tease. Also since I last blogged, Kelly and Roko arrived! (My kids have two Aunt Kelly's so I always feel like I need to clarify that I am talking about Kelly from Cali.) Roko is 2. We've just been hanging out and playing with the kids. Kelly is also helping me get ready for the baby shower that I'm throwing this weekend. I've never had a real chance to spend some good amount of time with Kelly, so it's been extra fun for me. Plus, she's been a big help. This morning the boys were a little restless so we took them to the bounce house place and let them literally bounce off the walls for an hour. Tomorrow's big plans are hitting a yarn shop (Kelly is an avid knitter) and then Ruth is coming to play in the evening. Saturday afternoon is the baby shower. Ruth and Kelly will take the kids to the Air and Space Museum during the shower.

Here, Aunt Kelly teaches Naomi how to knit.

I always miss Richard, but there's a special feeling in the house when it's just full of kids and Mama's. A special womanly feeling. I am quite positive that I am not putting it into words adequately. But take my words for it, it's cool.


Jessica said...

Naomi is knitting!!!

angela michelle said...

It is kind of fun when it's just mama and kids. Especially Kelly.