Wednesday, February 9, 2011

World: Three

Today it feels like I'm loosing. The score is World: three, Nancy: zero.

I went pants shopping. That was my first mistake. And I tried on pants that never had any chance of fitting because I had totally blocked out the real number that is on the tag of the pants I am currently wearing. I left the store nearly in tears. World: one

Then I went shoe shopping. How can you go wrong there? I had seen the perfect shoes online and they were even on sale, but I wanted them right away so I went to the store. And they were NOT ON SALE in the store. So I went home to buy them online, and their website has been down all day. World: two

Then I took a nap during nap time, because clearly I needed it. And as I slept blissfully, Asher snuck into my room, where Isaiah has his nap time, and the two of them painted their nails and put on makeup. Ruining the carpet, my vanity stool, and their clothes in the process. I am so mad that I can hardly punish the boys - I'm afraid I'd go too far. World: three

Sad and mad are a bad combo. I need a re-do. This day just needs to end and never come back. So I have turned on a movie for the kids - and when it ends I just might turn on another one. And while they watch, I mope. That's right. I'm moping. I am allowing myself this one day of moping.

Ha! Take that, World! I finally ordered my shoes. And a sweet, sweet friend dropped by tonight and stayed to chat for a few minutes. The score is now World: two, Nancy: two. ...But somehow it still doesn't seem quite even.


erica said...

I so wish we were neighbors.

and movies are the best for children who have taken their mommy to the brink.

Clyde said...

You'll be the winner, just be patient!

Mark A said...

I got nuthin fu ya...
Maybe life hacker can help!5754196/how-to-beat-a-bad-day-before-it-starts