Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day Olympics

Yesterday was another snow day. (Don't ask me why since there was no more snow than the day before when there had been school, and the expected ice storm never arrived!) So in desperation, I decided to embrace the chaos. I called a neighbor and invited her and her five children over for Snow Day Olympics. Then the kids and I spent an hour preparing games.

We made a score card (which they used to check off each activity after they did it - no winning and loosing)
We got out Twister and this awesome Tic Tac Toe floor game that my sister-in-law, Chelsea, made for us:
We set up the dining room for a ball bounce game and a boat blowing race:

And then we let the fun/chaos begin!
Oh, and we made this bean bag toss game: (Which this little slugger promptly broke to bits with his softball pitches)
It was a fun way to kill 3 hours. The kids just ran around from activity to activity - sometimes in packs and sometimes solo. We also did a limbo competition, hula hooped and played Bingo.

And the kids were tired and ready for naps - which is quite a feat on a snow day.


angela michelle said...

seriously, nanc--you get a gold medal for this one. way to get in front of the situation.

Rebecca Reid said...


Jessica said...

my kids wish they were your kids

Mom said...

Yep - gold star and a win for you and the kids.