Thursday, September 8, 2011

Isaiah's 1st Day of School

Isaiah started school a week after the other kids since the Preschool he goes to follows the neighboring county's schedule. He had been feeling left out the previous week, so he was totally ready to go. He has one of the same teachers he had last year, so he really wasn't nervous at all. When I dropped him off in his class, he hardly even glanced over his shoulder to say goodbye. I think he just felt right at home. (Sorry for the terrible picture - the camera battery was dead so this was taken on my phone)
He also started speech therapy back up that same morning. I was very excited to have speech on the same mornings as school because that would leave Tuesday's and Thursday's commitment-free. But, alas, the teacher has since changed the schedule and we're now on Tuesday's and Thursday's at 8 am! So much for my perfectly laid out, exercising every day, getting chores done early, schedule. ...Oh well.

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erica said...

you're right. what kind of friend doesn't make a comment. you're kids are beautiful. and I missed you when you were in Texas and not posting as much. And, by the way, you need to do more pictures of you with your kiddos. You're cute too, you know. And I want to read about you're latest shopping, books, insights, thoughts, happy's and sads. And I'll comment more.