Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I know it's been a while since there was much ME in this blog. It's just been events for a while now. So, just so you know, I'm still here. The first week of school, I felt like my schedule was awesome. The second week of school, I felt like the schedule was beating me down. And this week I think I've found the balance. I've been working in exercise whenever I can because we just bought tickets for a cruise to the Bahamas for our anniversary. Wa-hooo! That's next month!

...And that's really all I can think to say about myself. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, my life is way more about the family than anything else. If the family is good, I'm good. So, I'm good!

And if you must see a picture of me to feel connected, go check out the adorable pictures my sister-in-law took of Sammy and I at our Worth reunion (which I haven't blogged yet at all, but I will soon). They're on Facebook. (I think you'll be able to see them even if you don't "friend" Jolie since they're on her business page.)


angela michelle said...

I feel you! Sometimes, not always, life is about the family. Glad you'll be having some me time on your cruise.

Clyde said...

GREAT idea to de-stress yourself, and what a better way than going on a cruise sans kids. Hope you have a blast!

Yep, your pics of Mommy and Sammy are beautiful!

erica said...

I did really like the pictures I saw of you on facebook.
and have you been doing jillians 30 day shred?

erica said...

one of my all time favorite things is when you do the NaNoBoMo because then I feel like I hear from you daily. I miss hearing about your kiddos you know. I actually would love to hear about Virginia in the fall. My sister just moved to Quantico area, by the way.
hope you're having a really really nice weekend!