Friday, September 16, 2011

Miss Naomi Goes To Washington

I have an Aunt with "connections". She generously offered to let us accompany her of a special tour of the White House along with the White House Press Core. Who would say no to that? Naomi even got a library book about the White House and it's history so that we'd be all ready. It was a school day, but I managed to sneak Naomi out (actually I totally told the truth, because what school would make one of their students miss an opportunity like this?) and she and I headed "downtown".
Here's Naomi in the Metro station. Can you see the calm exterior masking the oh-so-excited interior? This was a big adventure for her! She was really hoping to meet Michelle Obama.
When we got into DC we stopped and ate our lunch by the Old Post Office. Then we still had some time so we went to the White House visitors center. They had a display of what the inside of the White House had looked like under different President's. Naomi enjoyed seeing how the women were dressed in each painting and seeing the First Family's pets.
Then we toured. Naomi was a perfect lady (of course) and even came up with a few great questions. It was cool to have my Aunt with us because she had the inside scoop on how the big parties and functions work at the White House. Naomi decided she'd like to live there one day. When I told her she'd have to either be the president or marry a president, she decided she'd settle for attending a fancy party there. She also decided that the blue room had the prettiest curtains.
Here she is outside behind the White House. I cropped a group of protestors out of this shot just beyond the fountain. I thought it was pretty cool to be on this side of the fence.
And here is Naomi and I with our backs to the White House. See? It's WHITE.

Oh, and one last thing to brag about: Here's Naomi sitting at the President's desk in the oval office!
Just kidding. This was a prop at a gift shop we stopped at. If you bought something you could take your picture at their fake desk. So we bought a pen.


Jessica said...

how fun! and I totally believed Naomi was really in the oval office!

angela michelle said...

Too bad Naomi didn't get to meet Michelle--I think she would have loved her outfit. the cardi looks just like something Michelle would wear.

erica said...

kinda like a mommy daughter date, but with substance, education, fun, learning, and life. sounds magical to me. call me crazy.

Nancy said...

The boys I think had the most fun eating lunch at the "Bill Clinton McDonald's" _ and missing school!