Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sammy's First Birthday Party

We postponed Sammy's first birthday party a bit because we wanted to be able to celebrate with Aunt Ruth. So on a lovely Saturday afternoon, the party began. We started with the cake - because we figured that's what the kids would want, then presents, then just plain playing. The official "theme" was NOISE. Because after careful consideration, I decided that noise is Sammy's favorite thing.
Doesn't the cake look "noisy"? No? Well, I did my best to interpret what noise might look like. (I'm kidding, I just thought this would be a cute cake.)
The cake was banana flavored cake with cream cheese frosting.
Unfortunately, Sammy seemed to like the texture of the cake more than the flavor.

But he really liked the texture. (See that puckered face he's making in the pic below? That's his "I'm exploring and this is cool!" face.)
In keeping with the theme, the post-cake-playing got pretty crazy loud. Sammy loved the balloons.
So did Aunt Ruth. Did I mention this was also a birthday party for her? She was very gracious about sharing the spot light with Sammy.
Sammy got some fun presents, but I think his favorite was this ball spinny-popper thingy. It just so happens that it's only a hand-me-down that had previously been in the basement "out of rotation" - but who cares? See the exploring face? He loves it!
We all had fun celebrating our baby. What a good little boy he is!


angela michelle said...

Nanc, I love you. What a fun party you made. You're getting pretty handy with cake decorating! Sammy just looks too darn big. Love the exploring face. We used to have one of those ball toys--the perfect thing for a 1yo, from the basement or not.

Clyde said...

I agree w/ Angela from the cake to the hand-me-down toy. I think, one year olds can play with anything that makes noise and/or moves - so save your money for another b-day now that he cares less about fancy toys.

BTW, Ruthie is always a fun helper. Your kids will have so many good memories from such a COOL aunt!

Rebecca Reid said...

cute pictures! Paul was falling asleep in his first birthday was nap time. He wouldn't even make a mess oft he cake.