Thursday, May 1, 2008

The end of squishyness?

I made an alarming discovery this morning. Asher is not all that squishy anymore! His hugs are more boneyness than squishyness. When did that happen? Where is my squishy little boy? Below is a photo of Asher and Naomi less than a year ago. Look at all that squishyness! Those cheeks! Those arms! I love that squishy little boy.

And below is Asher as of this morning. Look at those cheeks! A little squish left there, but not much. And those arms and legs! So thin! And his neck, too. He doesn't look like a baby anymore. He really is growing up, dag nab it! I love that skinny little boy, too. But I miss the squishy hugs.

But don't worry. There is still plenty of squishyness in this house. Isaiah is now the sole provider of squishy hugs around here. Just look at those cheeks. And those fingers! He's still got plenty to go around. But how long will it last?

And, just because I took a picture of the boys, I had to include one of Naomi. She doesn't have much squish left either. But she sure is beautiful. (and yes, that is plain Cheerios in the bowl and water in the cup - that's what she wanted)


Oh, and an update on the Isaiah sleeping situation. The first night was pretty awful with 40 minutes of crying at bedtime and two mid-night session of 20 minute crying. But then last night there was only 5 minutes of crying at bedtime and one mid-night session of 10 minute crying. So maybe there is hope. I've been taking the approach of letting him cry it out, but not alone. I go in for just a minute to soothe him then increase the increment of time between my visits whether he is crying or not (go in after 1 minute, soothe him, then go in after 2 more minutes, soothe him, then go in after more 5 minutes, soothe him, then go in after 10 more minutes, etc.). I think it is working. A couple more nights will tell I guess. Thank you all for your advice. It's true that there are many styles of parenting and most are not right or wrong.


Qtpies7 said...

I think squishy babies are awesome, but mine come out skinny and stay that way. My sister's baby had fat rolls.

I can't even imagine letting a baby cry it out. It breaks my heart in a million pieces! My hubby has tried it, but I freak at him. I just imagine what my child is thinking, they don't have the understanding that we are still there or are doing it "for their good", I keep thinking they must think we are not taking care of them when they need us.
I just came across a study about it, as I am writing an article for co-sleeping, and I am so happy that we co-sleep. Everyone has to be comfortable with their decisions. And I know I am happy with co-sleeping, and my mom was happy with not.

Rebecca said...

Oh I love the squishy stage. My baby was born extra skinny but at four months he chubbed up. Now he's nice and squishy (only seven-months-old, so hopefully many more months....).

Farmer Joe said...

qtpies, don't take this the wrong way, because I am sure you are a very nice person but I think you are absolutely crazy!

On a related note, if you never let the kid develop into a crazy habit, there is no need to "cry it out" and, in a situation like Nancy's where a temporary lapse causes the tantrums, the child does know full well what is going on. They are just testing the waters to see if they can get mommy back.