Friday, May 2, 2008

A Hypothetical Day Off

What would you do if you had a day off? A day off from motherhood, or fatherhood as the case may be, and all other responsibilities? A day when you needed to leave the house in the morning and not come back until the evening, but that was all the "needed to's" that you had. (Your spouse has the kids, so you're not spending this time with him/her.) The rest of the day was all yours to ... what? What would you do? I'm not talking total fantasy. Like, no "I'd fly to Figi and lay on the beach" answers. Where would you go? Where would you eat? Would you call a friend or two, or spend the day alone?

For me, this situation is not hypothetical! I get Saturday "off". I was invited to my Aunt Nancy's fancy 50th birthday party mid-afternoon about 45 minutes away. That'll take a significant chunk out of the afternoon, but I am so excited about it. And since I was already going to be gone for all of the kids' playtime I asked Richard if it would be alright if I added a few extra hours on in the morning. Then, as I thought about it, I thought "what if I didn't really come right back home, either?" And before you know it - I'm going to be gone all day! What a wonderful husband I've got to let me do this.

So I think I'll start the day off with a shower where I don't have to worry that some kid is screaming. Then it's breakfast at Panera. Then a little shopping until it's time to go to the birthday party. After the party I'll hit a bead store that would normally be too far away (and no way would I dare go in there with the kids). Then I'm trying to work out seeing a movie with some girlfriends (but for some reason a lot of them are saying they're busy!). If that doesn't work out I'll probably see the movie by myself. Then maybe a pedicure and some more shopping. And I'll need to find somewhere to eat, but I think I'll leave that part of the day open for whatever strikes my fancy. Oh, and did I mention that I'll be listening to my favorite CD's in the car (there's a lot of driving planned into this day) and singing along at the top of my very off tune voice. So that's my plan. Man, I'm a lucky girl.

So, what would you do?

Oh, and Isaiah slept through the night last night! Hooray!


Jessica said...

We are so blesses to have such great husbands that let us take the day off sometimes. I know plenty of women who NEVER get as much as 2 hours without their husbands calling them every 5 minutes on their cell phone. I assume your phone will be off?
Anyways, my day might look pretty similar to yours. I do like spending time with a friend though, so mine would definitely involve some time with friends. If only I lived by you, I 'd come with you to the movie!

Nancy Sabina said...

Even better than turning my phone off, I have no phone! There is no way he can reach me during this day. That worries me a little bit and yet is one of the most liberating parts.

chelsea said...

i would definitely do lots of eating and lots of window shopping too. i definitely like the movie idea too. i love a movie by myself or with friends. i would also have a very good book along and plan to get lost in it several times throughout the day. i would also love a nap, but that gets complicated. if i were to ask for a hotel room for two hours, someone might get the wrong idea! have fun on your day off!

Rebecca said...

Every Saturday, I try to go grocery shopping by myself, and I take my time. So there's two hours without my infant. It's nice, but I always feel like I'm forgetting something. Sunday, some else will hold my baby in Relief Society, but I feel so naked! I don't know what I'd do for an entire day. I think he's still so young and I'm still in the Babymoon stage....Give me a few more years.

Jenny said...

I'd sleep as late as my body wanted, then I'd get my hair done and hit the mall, browse a bookstore, eat bottomless french toast...