Monday, April 12, 2010

Asher's 4th Birthday

Asher had a grand day on Saturday. We celebrated his birthday a little early to take advantage of the weekend. He started the day with a Daddy-Asher date to see How To Train Your Dragon. While he was gone Naomi and Isaiah helped me clean the house and make the cake. After naptime, the party began!

Asher's favorite thing right now is swinging. He can pump by himself, but he loves to have somebody push him anyway. Aunt Ruth happily obliged for at least an hour!
My big present to him was this embroidered pillow that he calls his "Pillow Pet". The design was inspired by this painting.

We had a great dinner of Kraft Mac and Cheese (with steaks and asparagus for the grown-ups).
And then chowed down on the train cake.
The presents were all a hit.
And the company was great. (This is Aunt Kelly with baby cousin Ethan)
Everybody had a great time. Here's Uncle Kevin holding Isaiah holding Ethan.
In the end we were all fat and happy. ...Even the grown-ups.
I think we did a good job of making it a very special day for Asher. He woke up the next morning asking if it was his birthday again. We had to sadly answer no, but lucky him, it's his birthday again tomorrow when he brings cupcakes to school.


chelsea said...

Oh my, Asher if 4... where did the time go? Happy birthday sweet guy!

Clyde said...

Happy Four, Asher!!! Love his dino-pillow and the homemade train-track cake... Very creative, Nancy!

Elieson Family said...

Happy Birthday Asher!