Thursday, April 8, 2010

Patience Update

Well, after careful thought and consideration (thanks for all your comments) and after listening to General Conference, I decided that my problem with patience was really mine. My kids are at an appropriate stage for their ages. Sure, I could work on teaching them about patience some, but mostly what prompted me to feel impatient with their impatience was ME. Ya follow? So I'm working on that. I know that I get grumpy when I'm pregnant and I guess I can add "impatient" to that list.

So there you have it, my piece of humble pie.

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angela michelle said...

I agree that it's the mom's job to (try to) be patient and sweet no matter what everyone else is doing. But it's also the mom's job to teach the kids to be patient and sweet as well.

Sometimes I tell my kids that I wake up in the morning with a full load of patience and enthusiasm, but it's not an endless supply so they don't want to waste it by having me deal with rudeness from them. If I use up all my energy on being sweet to their rudeness, they I won't have any left for doing fun things with them.