Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm feeling...

Leg cramps


Way-too-frequent headaches - which are brought on by nothing at all. The other day I was sitting in total peace and relaxation and all the sudden my head was killing me. Apparently it's because of all the extra blood pumping through me right now.

Tired - no matter if I get 7 hours of sleep or 10.

Annoyed that people keep saying things like, "You don't even look a bit pregnant!" like I'm supposed to be happy about that. Because I sure feel pregnant. And if I'm gonna feel like crap all the time I want credit for it!

Hungry - this pregnancy is all about food for me. Not one specific food, just food in general. I want it. All the time. And it all seems to like me back! Food is my friend.

Non motivated and at the same time like there is something urgent that I should be doing that I'm forgetting. (It's probably to clean the toilet.)


Happy that I've still hardly gained any weight (and yet irritated by that at the same time since it's what causing #5 up there).

Basically... PREGNANT.


erica said...

I really hated HATED that people would say, "you don't even look pregnant". I felt it. It made me feel like my pregnancy wasn't as valid as someone else's because of my size. I feel for you. and I love food too. still. always. wish I could be there for you to say, " you are darling pregnant, can I make you dinner while you nap?"

Mark Ashurst-McGee said...

That Erica is such a sweetie.
Way to let it all out, Nanc. If you can't whine when you're pregnant then what's the point. Grump and frump away for a while.

(then go clean that toilet)