Monday, January 31, 2011


Today I woke up to a house in which every single little thing was in the wrong place ... or at least it felt that way. Last week was so crazy with the kids home all week - the house was just a disaster. And since we were planning on having the missionaries and a new friend over for dinner, it was definitely time to clean up. I spent at least two hours just doing laps around the house picking things up, carrying them into the next room, and putting them away.

Then I grocery shopped because we needed a few things for the dinner. And the boys refused to go into the babysitting even though I had driven past three other grocery stores just to get to the one that has babysitting.

Then I cleaned some more. And Sammy spent way too much time in his swing. So much, in fact, that he slept in it. And he got himself into this crazy position:
That kid is sound asleep with his face buried in the side of the swing, his little fist tightly holding the liner. I mean, hasn't he ever heard of SIDS? But he likes to sleep that way! I always find him cuddled up against the side of his crib. He loves to nap on the couch with his face buried in the couch. It's crazy.

Then I made roast and potatoes for dinner and had a grand time with our new friend and the missionaries. It made me thankful that in my adulthood, I can make new friends so much easier than in my awkward youth.

Then I finished off this project.

My Mom got these silk pieces (samples really) from one of her tenants who sells fabrics. I chose these ones for a pillow to go on our bed.

I never knew how easy sewing pillows is! I mean, it's just a square - I can handle that! The key (for me) is to stuff the pillow with loose stuffing instead of buying a pillow form. That way I don't have to worry about needing to make it any certain size. Whatever size it turns out, is fine!

And that's my day.

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