Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Adventue Mondays

This summer we've declared Mondays "Big Adventure Mondays". These are the days that we do things that are usually a little too far away or difficult or whatever. We had hoped to kick off this tradition with a trip to the zoo in DC, but there was too much of a chance of rain so we downgraded to painting pottery. Richard sweetly offered to keep Sammy so that made it a lot simpler. Everybody had a good time. Naomi's flower pot turned out beautifully. Ashers cupcake turned out mostly grey. And Isaiah's french fries turned out so glopped with paint that I'll be amazed if they actually fire it instead of just trashing it. But we all had a great morning! Next week we'll shoot for the zoo again and after that our adventures will all be in Texas! Splash pads, the arboretum, that famous statue of the longhorns or something... what else should we do?
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Jessica said...

Canton trade days?