Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm having one of those lovely days where every once in a while, when I think about where I'll be in a few hours, I giggle to myself.

Because in a few hours I'll be in a car, with one or more of my good friends (and a pack of teenagers) heading to a lake house for the weekend. There will be cookouts, water tubing, late night chatting, and down-time galore. There won't be any children under the age of 12.

I know that not everybody would happily trade 4 small children for 24 teenagers - but in this case, I will! I know that there will be still be bickering and squabbles to break up and messes to clean and feelings to mend - but they won't be the same squabbles and messes and feelings that I've been dealing with non-stop already, so they seem more manageable.

My bags are packed, my toenails are painted, my sis-in-law Kelly will be here soon to watch the kids, and Ruth will be over later this evening to take over. Thanks Kelly and Ruth!

...My mind is already floating off into a lake...

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Jenny said...

That sounds nice. I would like to come too, please.