Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Inheritance

#1) Richard has a sister named Nancy. The original Nancy Worth, as I always say. So when it came time for me to pick a worths email address, I chose nancy.sabina. Sabina is my Great Grandmother's name and my middle name. In my youth I thought Sabina was a terrible middle name because it was different. I wondered why there wasn't the R to make it SabRina like everybody else. In my "old" age, I think it's beautiful and I love it for it's uniqueness and it's connection to my family. Sabina was by all accounts a strong, witty, intelligent woman - all things I hope to be. When I am with the Worth family, I am now known as Nancy Sabina. They refer to me that way amongst themselves and when they are addressing me. It always catches me off guard the first couple of times, but I love it. I love the reminder of who I am.

#2) My mother has recently been reading through all the letters that my Grandfather wrote to my Grandmother while he was serving in World War II. She found intriguing things like that they had a code where the first letter of the first word in each letter told her where he was stationed without getting the attention of the censors. She also read some lovely, poetry like, love letters. This quote is especially beautiful and foretelling: Our love will be our strength though the years and far beyond our life spans. Our children will inherit from us the spirit of true love and happiness and carry it on long after we have departed.... A love like ours will always be regardless of time. I have been captivated by the thought of a love that is regardless of time. My Grandpa and Grandma have always been my example of true love. Visible true love. I am so thankful for the inheritance that I have received from them of true love and happiness that I can carry with me until, and beyond when, I am reunited with my Grandparents.

Whether it be a name or an example of love, I am who I am because of the things that my ancestors gave me. And I love who I am!

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Yulia said...

Oh Nancy, this is such a wonderful entry. I loved this story and I loved how happy and proud you sound to be... well you! The quote from your grandparents correspondence is incredible, worthy of a book quote entry! After reading this, selfishly, I am feeling lucky to have been your friend in our high school days, and keeping in touch, thanks to all the amazing technological advancements!