Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cleaning Wednesday's

Big Adventure Monday's, Daddy Tuesday's, and Cleaning Wednesday's. So this morning I started cleaning. And the kids did their chores and helped me out, too. And by 10:30 the house was looking pretty dang good! So we headed over to a neighbor's house who has two big bounce houses set up in her yard for the day. One wet, one dry. The big kids played crazily and deliriously happily on the bounce houses with all their neighborhood friends while Sammy and I lounged on a blanket under a big shady tree nearby. Sammy was trapped on the blanket by the grass. He loves to pull the grass up with his little fists, but he won't let his bare knees or feet touch it - so he might as well have been in a cage. After about 35 minutes Sammy got super cuddly. He must have been hot and kinda tired because he just kept flopping his head into my lap or rolling over right next to my belly. If I held him, he'd just lay still and gaze at me. So the big kids played and Sammy and I had a little make-out session under a tree. It was heaven.


Richard D. Worth said...

Sounds like heaven. Where I wanna be.... Miss yous

Jessica said...

I would love to see some pictures of that

angela michelle said...