Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today I am...

Today I am remembering why we started calling Isaiah "Poochy". Samuel is crawling around, biting ankles (or at least crawling up them), drooling, eating food off the floor, waiting to have his tummy rubbed or head patted. He really is like a cute little puppy.

Today I am proud of Naomi for speaking clearly and loudly and right on queue in her 1st grade play, How Does Your Garden Grow. She had what I would consider to be the lead - the gardener.

Today I am wishing my husband was here to take out the garbage, but I guess I'd better break down and do it myself since it's getting pretty nasty.

Today I am happy to have three such adorable boys who I get to spend all day with all summer. But I am also missing having alone-shopping time.

Today I am plotting a secret Father's Day gift for Richard.

Today I am blogging because my mother made a semi-snarky comment about my lack of blogging.


Mom said...

Thank you - you know I really miss it when you don't!

angela michelle said...

ooh, what was the semi-snarky comment??

Nancy Sabina said...

Her comment was just something like, "since it's been soooo looooong since you blogged."